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Timer Wizard 1.0

Timer Wizard provides you with a great alarm and timer
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Timer Wizard is a tiny utility that provides you with a wonderful alarm and timer. Its special feature is the theme with a wizard that really looks appealing.
When the installation process is over, a special program icon appears in your system tray. Clicking on it, you can get into the main window. The main window consists of a small toolbar and a list of all the active alarms. Each alarm from the list can be easily edited or removed. Alarm and egg timer are set with the help of special dialog windows. The application allows you to specify the time of your alarm signal. The egg timer signals when a certain period of time, defined by you, is over. You can set the signal type choosing from PC and BIOS Speakers. Besides, you can even browse for any MP3 file from your favorite music collection and set it as the signal.

Each timer and alarm event is supplemented with a special text message that you type in while creating the event. Timer Wizard has very low system requirements and is absolutely free. Its main disadvantage is the lack of originality. There is a huge amount of utilities with similar functions available on the Internet.

Ilya Barmenkov
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  • Tiny size
  • Interesting theme


  • Lack of unique functions
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